Eye-Tracker Inc. is a Canadian corporation founded by the creator and developer of Visual-Eyes®, one of Canada's premiere optometry practice management software packages. The team, whose headquarters is located in the Central Alberta area, has been developing software for the Canadian eye care industry since 1996. Visual-Eyes has earned a solid reputation in the Canadian eye care industry through years of commitment in taking care of client's technological needs.

What is Eye-Tracker?


Given advances in technology, we believe that the process of ordering frames, lenses and contact lenses can be greatly improved. Eye-Tracker is the solution that will provide the technological bridge to improve the ordering, processing and tracking of ophthalmic supplies for the Canadian eye care industry. At its core, Eye-Tracker is a Business-to-Business (B2B) Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) interface linking eye care providers with suppliers. Building on this core need, Eye-Tracker’s goals for future innovation has us streamlining the ordering process wherever possible by coordinating all transactions through an advanced “single-point” interface accessible by all members of the Canadian eye care community.

Eye-Tracker is built on top of our 15+ years of experience developing practice management software for Canadian Optometrists. Eye-Tracker will be funded by a percentage-based transaction charge, paid by suppliers. It has been designed so that when properly implemented, cost savings generated on the supplier side will more than offset the cost of using Eye-Tracker. Eye-Tracker will be provided at no-cost to eye care providers, leading to greater adoption and efficiencies for all key stakeholders.

Suppliers - benefit by having orders received electronically and by reducing the cost of support and development of their own solutions.

Eye Care Providers - benefit from a direct “single-point“ ordering solution integrated with theirpractice management software.

Software Vendors - benefit by receiving funding from each transaction passed through their software, and by eliminating the need to support different interfaces for each supplier.

Buying Groups benefit by having access to the Eye-Tracker data to produce their statements and invoices for their members.

Patients - benefit from online tracking and updating of their order progress. Our experience, as well as our ability to offer an industry wide solution, will allow for significant improvements in how eye care providers and suppliers conduct business.

Our Mission

To improve communication between Suppliers and Eye Care Providers in the Canadian Eye Care Industry by the development and support of an innovative data exchange solution.