Eye care providers will be able to interface with all of their frame, lens and contact lens suppliers from a “single-interface”. Access to Eye-Tracker is via a documented “open-format” through which any software vendor may interface. For those eye care providers that are not computerized (or whose practice management software has not been interfaced with Eye-Tracker), a simple ordering application will be provided.

Eye-Tracker will include an advanced two-way communication to our centralized servers, allowing suppliers to offer order tracking, bulk ordering, updated pricing, and costing.

Another key element to Eye-Tracker is the step by step tracking and reporting for each order. From the receipt of the order by the frame or lens supplier; to the initial processing of the lens; through to the final shipping of the order. Each step will be reported back to the eye care provider and optionally the patient. Due to the design of Eye-Tracker, collecting this information requires minimal extra effort from a data entry perspective and is essentially “free”.

Additional eye care provider benefits:

  • Reduced errors and costs by streamlining the ordering process
  • The ability to process bulk orders
  • Customizable reporting capabilities
  • Requires no cost for eye care providers to incorporate into their existing environment
  • Support from their software vendor (funded by Eye-Tracker) or directly from Eye-Tracker itself
  • Data security via encrypted transmissions
  • System wide unique identifiers (bar-codes and/or RFID tags) will result in more efficient receiving of orders from suppliers
  • Strict sequencing of transactions will prevent missed/misplaced orders