Eye-Tracker will provide suppliers a simple yet powerful solution that will receive orders electronically from multiple eye care providers and other suppliers through a single interface. Supplier-to-supplier (e.g. frame supplier to lens supplier) communication and extensive order tracking will further streamline the process. Suppliers will have a 'scan and go' solution whereby they can scan packages via bar code or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, ship to eye care providers, and track receipt of packages.

Eye-Tracker can run as an end user application, printing orders as they arrive, or interface directly with the supplier's existing systems. Suppliers will be able to receive all orders electronically removing the costly and error prone manual inputting of orders. In future stages of Eye-Tracker, additional benefits will be generated as catalogs and inventories are implemented on-line. With the addition of parameter checking and immediate notification of discontinued or out of stock frames, further cost savings will be realized.

Additional Suppliers benefits:

  • No longer have to receive and organize faxes, e-mails and phone calls from eye care providers
  • A single, open-format solution will lead to greater adoption by software vendors resulting in larger numbers of orders transferred electronically
  • Suppliers can track orders at any point in the shipping and receiving process
  • Automatic status updates will reduce inquiries from eye care providers
  • Ability to transfer complex information, such as frame traces
  • Suppliers without computerized systems will be provided with an application to allow them to communicate with Eye-Tracker, print bar-coded labels and run reports of pending orders
  • Data Security via encrypted transmissions
  • System wide unique identifiers (bar-codes and/or RFID tags) will result in more efficient receiving/shipping of orders
  • Strict sequencing of transactions will prevent missed/misplaced orders